Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I accept payments from my customers using cryptocurrencies and digital assets?

Merchants can accept Bitcoin payments using Gebo Group’s point of sale terminal, web widget, or custom API solution to receive full remittance in USD or local currency of their choice. Gebo Group is a crypto merchant payment network and functions as a full on-ramp and off-ramp for crypto to fiat payments while assuming all the crypto risk.

  1. No Fees. Eliminate payment processing expenses that credit/debit card processors charge by using Gebo Group - a direct provider not a middleman - that charges 0 fees.
  2. Increase sales. Attract the quickest growing consumer group that holds crypto-currency and digital assets such as Bitcoin without being exposed to crypto risk.
  3. No Chargebacks. Unlike credit/debit cards, transactions are final and one way. (You can still issue refunds as needed).
Does Gebo Group work with existing Payment Facilitators (PAYFACs)?

Yes. Gebo Group works with payment facilitators and other merchant service providers to clear crypto and digital asset transactions. Contact us at for more information and how to get started. 

How much does it cost to accept crypto payments with Gebo Group?

Gebo Group charges no fees and remits the full amount in USD or another currency of choice to the merchant. Because we are a principal buyer, and not a middleman, there are no % of transaction fees.

  1. There are no fixed price transaction fees.
  2. There are no statement fees.
  3. There are no “batch” fees.
  4. There are no platform or terminal fees.
  5. There are no hidden fees.


How to accept crypto payments without crypto risk?

Crypto assets are volatile in price and for that reason merchants typically do not want to hold them. Furthermore, holding crypto assets exposes merchants to security risks such as hacking. These are the major crypto risks. Gebo Group takes on this crypto risk and pays out the full purchase price to the merchant in USD or the currency of their choice without the merchant being exposed to crypto.

Using Gebo Group’s point-of-sale terminal or its APIs, merchants provide their customers with the ability to pay with approved crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum without exposing themselves to said risk.

How it works:

  1. The merchant specifies the total price for the transaction (creates an invoice)
  2. Gebo Group provides a real-time price in the desired currency to the customer
  3. After customer checks out - the full purchase cash price is remitted to the merchant in USD (or another local currency of their choice) without any fees to the merchant or to the customer either.


What happens if the price of cryptocurrency falls?

There is no impact to the merchant using Gebo Group’s cryptocurrency payment processing. The merchant receives the full price regardless of price fluctuations of the customers’ currency of choice.

Because crypto assets are volatile in price, merchants typically do not wish to hold them. Furthermore, holding crypto assets exposes merchants to security risks such as hacking.

Gebo Group assumes this crypto risk and pays out the full purchase cash price from the time of transaction to the merchant in US Dollars or the currency of their choice without the merchant eve being exposed to crypto price volatility.

How do we differ from other crypto and digital asset payment processors?
  • No Fees. Gebo Group is a principal and not a middle-man.
  • We are a full on-ramp and off ramp for crypto and fiat assets. That means we convert crypto to dollars, dollars to crypto, and crypto to crypto. We also support other major national currencies.
  • We do not commingle assets and we use independent qualified, licensed and insured custodians.
  • We process both small and large transactions. No sliding scales, complex approval tiers.
  • As a full service desk, we provide live support. Give us a call + 1 201.479.1188 or toll free in the US +1 844.394.4411.
  • Enterprise grade connectivity and security of transactions.
  • U.S. Regulated FinCen Money Service Business.
  • Network of crypto-friendly US banks, trusts, and custodians. We are happy to make introductions.


How do institutional crypto payments work?

Institutions require high level compliance and security protocols. Gebo Group, a US. based FinCEN regulated Money Service Business (MSB) uses independent qualified, licensed, and insured custodians for institutional payment transactions. The crypto to fiat settlement is done on delivery-vs-payment basis (DVP), a gold standard in the financial industry. Our counterparties are verified using bank and department of homeland security grade compliance systems.

By accepting crypto payments, is my business investing into crypto currencies?

No. To accept Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, the merchant does not need to invest into crypto currencies. Gebo Group assumes all crypto risk for merchant processing. The remittance is the full cash price, without any fees in the currency of the business’ choice such as USD. In layman’s terms: you never touch crypto.

Can my business accept other currencies, or alt coins?

Yes. Gebo Group provides a cryptocurrency alt coin gateway for approved merchants. Gebo Group is a not only a bitcoin payment service for merchants. Below are the popular alt coins your customers can use with Gebo Group’s payment system:


If you have questions about non-listed coins, please contact us.

Does Gebo Group provide crypto merchant processing for large value goods and services?

Yes. For example, Gebo Group works with auction houses to process payments from buyers in crypto currency and remit USD (or currency of choice) to the end seller and to the auction house for commissions. Contact our settlement team:

Contact trade desk for more information