How to accept crypto payments without crypto risk?

Crypto assets are volatile in price and for that reason merchants typically do not want to hold them. Furthermore, holding crypto assets exposes merchants to security risks such as hacking. These are the major crypto risks. Gebo Group takes on this crypto risk and pays out the full purchase price to the merchant in USD or the currency of their choice without the merchant being exposed to crypto.

Using Gebo Group’s point-of-sale terminal or its APIs, merchants provide their customers with the ability to pay with approved crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum without exposing themselves to said risk.

How it works:

  1. The merchant specifies the total price for the transaction (creates an invoice)
  2. Gebo Group provides a real-time price in the desired currency to the customer
  3. After customer checks out - the full purchase cash price is remitted to the merchant in USD (or another local currency of their choice) without any fees to the merchant or to the customer either.


About Gebo Group

Gebo Group, LLC is a worldwide institutional-grade crypto payment processor. We provide crypto to fiat processing and settlement, enabling merchants to accept and process bitcoin, altcoin and other forms of payments, without any exposure, fees or risk.

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